Lead Pastor

Pastor Stephen was born and raised in Seattle, WA where he served as an associate and interim pastor at Living Way Foursquare Church (now Seattle Foursquare). Meanwhile, Amy grew up from Monterey, CA and came to Seattle to attend the UW. They met and fell in love and have been married for nine years. They now have a wonderful son James (age 6) and daughter Abigail (age 1).

They are both excited to be living and serving God's family in Lincoln City, Oregon and look forward to what God has planned for our congregation. Stephen holds degrees from Simpson University and Fuller Theological Seminary as well as a post-graduate certificate from the University of Cambridge.

Stephen's favorite food: Lamb Shwarma from Gorgeous George's!

Amy's favorite past time: Quilting, knitting and spinning

Stephen can be contacted by emailing lcityfoursquare.pastor@gmail.com

Church Council

The church council is responsible for advising the lead pastor in the finances of the church. They are elected to two year terms and are members in good standing within the congregation.

We thank them for their service!

  • KIm SEEto

    Kim is a landscape artist who helps us maintain our beautiful property. He is also an avid fan of Westerns.

    His favorite cowboy? Clint Eastwood

    Our favorite cowboy? Kim Seeto

  • Kristy Michelson

    Kristy is an integral part of our church family, stepping into any gap that needs filling. We love her and she is awesome! Did you  know she used to teach swim at the community center? Your kids (or grandkids) may remember her. Here's something amazing about Kristy: She once swam the length of Devil's Lake from the very top all the way to the ocean. Way to go!

  • Sarah Lally

    Sarah is the wonderful leader of our children's ministry (along with her mom, Jeri Laskie). She is a teacher at Head Start and a wonderful part of our church family. We're so happy to have her!

  • Chuck Cherryholmes

    In Chuck's spare time, you may find him cutting firewood (yes, he actually enjoyed cutting firewood) or possibly trying out a new hot sauce. His favorite movie is Courageous and he also teaches our Adult Bible Study on Sunday mornings!